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It was in a strange little corner of the universe of stars, a place where more planets were brimming with a greater density of life than anywhere else in the multiverse. Nowhere else could compare to it.

The stars seem to complement each other: warming up a myriad of homes scattered across spinning spherical planetoids which hugged masses of water and plants and creatures like jollligans, stinky drangis and flying crats in their exciting atmospheres. Planets shared orbits with each other and enjoyed suns like happy friends, cramming the solar ways with a vitality that you just could never imagine.

Crawling critters learnt to fly the spaceways with bevitilazed bi-engined buconns, while brown and green Qingy swimmers caught the wings of giant sleepy tuuble twickers as they flew from melting comets to overgrown soft asteroids that carried ample foodstuffs in their cavernous guts. Giant Strangos held back the heat of Suns that got a bit above themselves, by stuffing that vibrant sunlight into their furry size million pockets, and keeping it for days when the suns got moody and sullen, which was only when some of the moons got cheeky. That hardly ever happened unless the tifs got out of their black holes and sang.

It's about the most absurd thing in the universe when scratchy bellied hillbungs carved their way into the depths of four planets and ate the tasty innards of those poor space-inhabiting worlds. (It made all four planets about as stable as a giant garlick eating gassbagg from the moon called Sennno.) Absurd, because the 45,402 inhabitants of those planets forgave the hillbungs. Completely, with no strings attached.

A tree-like creature (called Bruthhh) that lived on one of the planets and carved rivers into hot deserts in the mornings and crafted hot bread in the afternoon, simply scratched his head, and caught a bright lime green ship-like thing to the nearest planet.

Of course, there were some "interesting" places out there: great big gaseous planets that tended to treat everyone with a level of unrealistic aggression, which was really strange, but everyone except for the Tracknuggs avoided that sector of space....

The Veyark: a mysterious creature that creates Arkz
The Veyark: a mysterious creature that creates Arkz
The massive Igil
The massive Igil

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